Pleasure, Power, Purpose

What do you seek in life? Pleasure? Well, unfortunately, your pleasure can be taken from you.  Imagine what would happen if that were to occur. Depression, anxiety, hurt, doubt, darkness and a host of other things would await you. What do you seek in life? Power or status? Guess what… your supposed “power” or status can be taken from you at a moment’s notice. Imagine what would happen if that were to occur.  Depression, anxiety, hurt, doubt, darkness and a host of other things would await you. Do not think, for a moment, that your power cannot be taken from you. … Continue reading

Failure Is Only Temporary… Sometimes

I’m not bothered by failure. I’m just bothered by all the high-minded people who classify others as failures. This is what I meant in the title to this post. Failure is only a temporary thing. It becomes permanent when people who are led by making money or who are caught up in the ever-increasing speed or inflation of society attempt to label people as failures and the people who are labeled accept the labeling. History is too full of people who have failed, and kept failing, only to become more successful than they ever dreamed possible, causing all the naysayers … Continue reading

Your Arguing…

I don’t want you to agree with me on this.  I don’t want you to disagree, either. I want you to understand what it is that I am saying. Any person, with any amount of knowledge or understanding, can either agree or disagree to an argument that is presented. It doesn’t take a whole lot to do either. It does take something, though, to understand. An argument is typically defined as : a statement or series of statements for or against something : a discussion in which people express different opinions about something : an angry disagreement ( Think about … Continue reading

Our Vocabulary

Words are the symbols by which we live. How often do we allow them to rule us, rather than we them? Here’s an example: How awesome is “awesome”?  It seems like there’s an inflation factor in the use of words.  People, nowadays, are always seeming trying to make things better or more attractive than what they are. The use of the word “awesome” is one of the words that prove my point. If we were to stumble upon something that is truly awesome, what words would we use to describe them? We wouldn’t really have anything, as that word has … Continue reading

Phobia This, Phobia That…

You know what I really like about strapping the suffix “phobia” onto the end of so many words… The words actually begin to lose their meaning, or actually mean nothing at all to begin with. Phobias are clinical conditions, and those who suffer from real phobias, as opposed to imagined ones, are being done the greatest disservice by those who have political agendas of trying to shame others by their use of words on a public that is unenlightened about the impact words actually have on the human psyche. If more people actually took the time to expand their vocabulary … Continue reading