Chasing the Muse

We have a problem, here in America. We are an “A” nation.

Let me explain.

While I’m not wanting anyone to think that we, as Americans, are ANY of the things below, I want to use these examples to drive the point home about chasing the muse that we all have in our lives. She’s out there. We just have to find her, but unless we have a change in the way we think, then…  well…  You’ll see.

This all hinges on what’s called a “negative prefix” in the English language.

Look at this, for a moment.  We have people who are moral, and we have people who are amoral. One is a moral character, the other…  well…  isn’t. We have things that are typical and things that are atypical. That is, we have things that are more common or normal and things that aren’t. We have people who are very sexual, and then we have people who aren’t (asexual). Do you enjoy flouting your political party, then you may be a political person. If you’re more like me and really can’t stand even the mention of the word “politics,” then you may be considered apolitical (But, I’m finding, more and more, that even being an apolitical person is still a political statement.)


Did you know that the ancient Greeks held to the thought that certain goddesses were given over to inspiring man? These goddesses were known as “muses.” There were nine of them. Their jobs were to protect the arts and sciences to which they were given. The English word “muse” comes from the Greek word “Mousa” or “Moisa,” the Latin word “Musa.”

Today, the word simply means to be absorbed in thought, or to dwell upon something thoughtfully.

How often do you muse upon something? I really don’t think you can muse upon something passively. I think it calls for an active participation. Do you have a problem of some sort? Do you have a goal to attain? A place (mentally or physically) to get to?

How amusing!

Remember that when we put an “a” in front of a word, it turns it into a negative statement?

This is the point of this article…  How often do you chase your muse?  How often do you simply seek to be amused? One mindset calls for thinking. The other doesn’t.

How often do you sit down to do some heavy thinking? More often than not, we (generally speaking) seek to go the other route. We want to be amused. We don’t want to think about things. We want things to come to us easily. Fewer of us really care to be inspired. That calls for work in calling up the muse, and then when she arrives, it calls for further work in acting upon what she gives to us.

Do you spend a good amount of your time thinking of positive, forward-moving thoughts, or do you just sit down with a can of beer in front of the boob (meaning: a foolish or stupid person) tube and seek to be amused? It really doesn’t call for any effort to be amused (other than clicking on the remote).

We have a problem with obesity, here in America. Go ahead and Google it and you’ll definitely find a ton of information about it. I think that there’s an even greater problem with our people, though. It’s a problem with a sort of mental obesity. People simply sit back and grow fat on a regimen of amusement, rather than musing over more important matters.

Do you prefer to muse, or be amused? Do you prefer to think, or not?


This article originally appeared in my “Critical Thought For Your Life” blog, over on I have deleted that blog and re-posted this article here.
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