Failure Is Only Temporary… Sometimes

I’m not bothered by failure. I’m just bothered by all the high-minded people who classify others as failures. This is what I meant in the title to this post. Failure is only a temporary thing. It becomes permanent when people who are led by making money or who are caught up in the ever-increasing speed or inflation of society attempt to label people as failures and the people who are labeled accept the labeling.

History is too full of people who have failed, and kept failing, only to become more successful than they ever dreamed possible, causing all the naysayers to eat their hats. Unfortunately, most people may not have the drive to overcome the opinions of others, and they sink to the bottom, in their own minds. Even more unfortunately, the choice to do so is completely theirs. The is where the permanency of failure comes in at.

This always comes back to the idea of what a person wants. Are they led by pleasure? Are they led by the attainment of power or status? If so, then they will ultimately fail when it comes to the most important factor in being human, and that is to have a desire to understand the meaning of their life.

So, join me in coming to understand the deeper things in life and put all the high-minded in their place. Fail your tuchus off! Just don’t give up. Find your tribe! Find your place. Find those who see you as you are and accept you when you come up short. There is a major difference between these people in your tribe and those who are led by grasping at pleasure and power. But, be careful, for there may be those in your tribe who are led by these very things.

The greatest thing to understand in all of this is that… and I’m gonna get corny here for just a second… failure is just a word. It doesn’t really exist. The mindset toward it is what truly exists. Think of your own mindset toward it. How do you view it?

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