Inspirational Things

Part of knowing your mind is to learn about what you are drawn to. On this page, you’ll see plenty of inspirational things. If you know of something that can be posted here, please, let me know. Please, put your thoughts in the comments section, below. Explain a little bit about your thoughts of the inspirational item you would like to share.

Lt. Thomas Michael Conway

How long would you go, if there were no hope in sight? How would you hold up? What would you do for others who might be there, along with you?
We are not free from the conditions and circumstances in which we may find ourselves. We are, though, still in charge of how we react to the environment around us. Viktor Frankl once wrote that the last of the human freedoms cannot be taken away from us. That freedom is our ability to choose our attitude toward any situation in which we find ourselves.

Stop for a moment and consider what this chaplain did with the situation that he was thrust into. Imagine the water. Imagine the sharks. Imagine the loneliness. Imagine those around you, dead, dying, and alive… those faces of men who were fearful and alone. Lt. Thomas Michael Conway was a hero to some, but went unnoticed by “those who matter.”

Teddy Kremer

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Can you get it from someone who can show you pure, unadulterated joy while going through life? For a lot of us, that might sound so… impossible. Not so for Teddy Kremer. When I was growing up, I was an avid fan of Cincinnati Reds baseball (Ask me about that night in 1975!). It has been decades since I’ve really followed baseball, though, but this story grabbed my attention, partially because of Teddy, mostly because of Cincinnati. What grabbed my attention, originally, has given way to having it held by someone else…  Teddy.  I so wish that I could have his joy… his love. Baseball is, and forever will be, a joy for the young at heart.

John Shear

This is the first story I’d like to share with you. My fiancee and I were out today, January 4, 2015, getting some cowboy boots, when talk turned to horses, and talk of horses turned to a particular story that happened in 2013. It’s about an old man who, when the moment called for it, offered himself up, without question, without hesitation. He is known as “Little Johnny“.

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