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The list of websites here is published in no particular order. Every site that is listed here has some aspect of helping you in knowing your mind. These sites, while they have their own particular messages, should be scrutinized by the reader, in order to verify the organization or website’s honesty, applicability, and veracity. It’s YOUR mind. Don’t waste time, effort, or money by putting something inferior in your mind.

Simply mouse over the tab “Websites of Interest,” above, and you will be given a drop-down list of websites that have been¬†reviewed. Click on the website of interest, and you’ll be taken to that post. There will also be a link that will direct you to the website that the post is about.


Neither I, Tim Beeker, nor this site “Knowing Your Mind,” is affiliated in any way with the websites listed here. If an affiliation does exist, it will be noted in the post regarding the entity.

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