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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a fantastic tool. Learning about it and the information that it yields can be a boon to your life! The site, alone, is interesting with all of the information one can find there. Each page has a great quote that will leave you with something of value to dwell on, if you’re given to thought. One word on the MBTI, itself. Many people look for answers that the MBTI will not be able to give, and they devalue the tool, because of it. People want a firm answer in their life, or else they won’t take the time to dwell on a subject.

The MBTI is a listing of certain temperaments that may be predominant in one’s life. Each of the four trait results lie along a spectrum. The predisposition of a person is also not static, and will move along this spectrum, depending on different variables in the environment. Generally, the MBTI will give a clearer understanding of a person’s personality traits that tend to remain very stable, though. You can find more information on the site. It will be well worth your time, in order to find out more about not only yourself, but possibly those loved ones in your life, as well as those people with whom you work, play, or otherwise interact with.

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Myers & Briggs Foundation Website
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