Our Vocabulary

Words are the symbols by which we live.

How often do we allow them to rule us, rather than we them?

Here’s an example:

How awesome is “awesome”?  It seems like there’s an inflation factor in the use of words.  People, nowadays, are always seeming trying to make things better or more attractive than what they are. The use of the word “awesome” is one of the words that prove my point.

If we were to stumble upon something that is truly awesome, what words would we use to describe them? We wouldn’t really have anything, as that word has been usurped to describe everyday things.  Heck, even my voice activated text messaging app on my phone uses the word…

She says, “To send a message, say “Send text.” So, I say, “Send Text.” I then make my statement, which she generally gets right. She then asks me if what I said was what she heard and is ready to send. I answer, “Yes.” Her next words…  make me want to throw my phone out the window, “Awesome, I’ll send that.”  What the heck is so awesome about that? The fact that…  what???  I’m communicating?

I know it’s a small thing, but it’s really irritating to me.

Another thing that is irritating to me is the use of the phrase “unconditional love.”  There is no such thing as “unconditional love.”  Love, by its very nature, places restrictions on the relationship that it is in.  In other words, “unconditional” means “anything goes.”  When’s the last time you were in a relationship where anything goes?  If you were in that sort of relationship, then chances are it wasn’t worth very much.  Heck, if there were ever an unconditional love that worked, well…  that would be….  awesome!  Just think about it.  I could have unconditional love from my wife.  I’ll let your mind wander a bit with the implications of that… now that we’re living in such an awesome time.

The point that I’m getting after here is that some people are living in such an existential vacuum, that they need to make up thoughts that aren’t really there, in order to make themselves feel better.  They are simply masking the problem of emptiness, while continuing to go down that path, wondering why their outlook in life never gets any brighter.  They are trying to manufacture happiness by the use of their words.  It hasn’t worked, and it will never work.

What words do you use in your life that “ain’t necessarily so”?

Gauge your words and see how effective they truly are.  Gauge the positive, as well as the negative.  One of the negatives would be the latching on of the suffix “phobia,” to words of your choice.  The word “homophobia” is one such word.  That is a political word, meant to try to discredit the character of the one that it is aimed at.  By a large margin, a person who is labeled as being homophobic is probably about as far from that psychological condition as can be. A person who is phobic has an intense fear or dislike of something, to the point of where they basically cannot function while the object of their problem is in their environment or has the chance of being so.  Unfortunately, all of the self-professed unconditional lovers of mankind who think that their views are awesome are more likely to use a term such as this, because a person who might disagree with their views is the exact opposite of their selves.

I have my own label for these types of people.  They are called alétheiaphobics.  I’ll leave that up to you to decipher.

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