Pleasure, Power, Purpose

What do you seek in life?


Well, unfortunately, your pleasure can be taken from you.  Imagine what would happen if that were to occur. Depression, anxiety, hurt, doubt, darkness and a host of other things would await you.

What do you seek in life?

Power or status?

Guess what… your supposed “power” or status can be taken from you at a moment’s notice. Imagine what would happen if that were to occur.  Depression, anxiety, hurt, doubt, darkness and a host of other things would await you. Do not think, for a moment, that your power cannot be taken from you. Are you a father, mother, child, brother or sister? Those titles can be easily removed from your life.  People do not think so, because they are ensconced in comfort and/or control. Are you a CEO? Are you the leader of a large group of people?  It can all change in a heartbeat.  What happens then?

What do you seek in life?


Is your purpose to gain pleasure? Power or status? No.  Those things might come to you, if you find the ultimate purpose in your life, though.

Let me ask you a question. What benefit is there to transcend self?  That’s a high-minded sounding thought, but it’s not too difficult to understand, if you look at it for a moment.  There is self, and there are others.  There is self and there is the environment that the self finds itself in.

Do you retreat into the search for pleasure and/or power?  If so, you’re probably not transcending self. That is, you don’t have the over-arching goal of helping others in life. Therein is where we find our purpose. We transcend self by helping our neighbor, wherever we find them. As we step outside of ourselves, we begin a journey in the world that never lacks for adventure and excitement… if you’re given to those sorts of things.

What is your purpose in life?  It’s an easy question to ask. It’s almost impossible to answer, though.

What is your purpose at home?

What is your purpose at work?

At school?

In the checkout line at the grocery store?

In traffic?

How about riding on the bus?

What is your purpose? You can’t get away from it. How often do you think about it? It can be depressing, if one dwells on it for too long, without getting out in the world to experience an answer.

What is your foundation for it?

Do you like being asked so many questions?  Well, if you’ve never really examined what your purpose in life might be, there will be nothing but questions at the beginning.  This is why so many people simply don’t understand any purpose their lives. They’re too busy chasing pleasure or power.

Do you have the guts to just unplug from the ever-increasing speed at which society is moving?  I will tell you that this will be the only way you’ll find meaning in your life.

What is your mindset to it?

Do you have the intestinal fortitude (i.e., guts)?

Let me know.

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