A Question About Old Age

Did you know that the older we get, past a certain age, that our brain produces less brain cells? The good news is that brain cells continue to be produced until the day we die… just not as many. Even better news (to me, at least) is that neurons in mentally active elderly people branch off more often and have more dendrite connections between neurons than other folks who are not as active.  A slight drawback to this might be seen in how the elderly are more “set” in their ways than younger people.  It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for an old dog to learn new tricks, though, but one may simply have to stay at it a bit longer.  Change and/or growth is still possible!  Potential is not lost among our elderly, as much as we may believe!

There’s a really cool study of some nuns at Notre Dame at Mankato, MN.  If you have time, I’d like to ask you to go out and google them and see what the study has found, regarding aging and mental agility into old age.  It’s REALLY exciting!!

Thinking about this thing called “aging,” I’m reminded of a saying by a man named Thomas Bastard.  Yup!  That’s his name. Go look it up. 🙂  He lived from 1566 to 1618. He wrote: “Age is deformed, youth unkind, we scorn their bodies, they our mind.”  Since we all are heading toward “old” age (and will hopefully reach it)  can we begin to have a different view while we’re still young?  Not only for then, but for now, with our elders who still have wonderful potential in their accumulated knowledge and experience? Let’s help them learn that they can still teach us. I think it’s a lesson that would be wonderful for all of us to learn.


This article originally appeared in my “Critical Thought For Your Life” blog, over on blogger.com. I have deleted that blog and re-posted this article here.
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