Doing The Right Thing

The person you love. –> |——–|——–| <– The person you hate (Ok, maybe just not like so much).

Two labels.

It’s easy to do the “right” thing to the person who wears each of those labels, isn’t it? Raise your friend up and tear your enemy down, eh?

What happens when it’s not so easy to do the right thing, though? What happens when you have to tell your friend or loved one that they need to correct the path that they’re on? Tearing your friend down is never easy, is it? Discipline is never easy… from either side. It’s not easy to give or receive.

What happens when the right thing to do to that person you don’t like is painful to you, such as congratulating, complementing, or otherwise saying or doing something good to or for them – lifting them up, eh?

Do you take the easy way out of either situation – The easy way being that you simply don’t say anything to either of them? Is that the mature way? The right way?

It takes courage to be and do right.

That old adage of wanting to be nice, rather than right? Is that really the way to be… allowing someone to continue on in a path that you know is not good, or to tear them down when they deserve to be built up?

Part of what is wrong with society today is that no one wants to stand up for what is the right way of being. People remain silent, when they should speak up. Nobody wishes to act on doing good, rather than doing nice. “Good” or “being right” is not always a pleasurable task. Sometimes the good thing is very unpleasant to us. It should still be done, though. Who of us is up to the task of being right, rather than being nice? Not many.

Could I ask you to remember this article, and give thought to how it is that you act when you know the right thing to do will not be pleasurable, or that the pleasurable thing is not the right thing to do?


This article originally appeared in my “Critical Thought For Your Life” blog, over on I have deleted that blog and re-posted this article here.
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