Phobia This, Phobia That…

You know what I really like about strapping the suffix “phobia” onto the end of so many words… The words actually begin to lose their meaning, or actually mean nothing at all to begin with. Phobias are clinical conditions, and those who suffer from real phobias, as opposed to imagined ones, are being done the greatest disservice by those who have political agendas of trying to shame others by their use of words on a public that is unenlightened about the impact words actually have on the human psyche. If more people actually took the time to expand their vocabulary … Continue reading

A Question About Old Age

Did you know that the older we get, past a certain age, that our brain produces less brain cells? The good news is that brain cells continue to be produced until the day we die… just not as many. Even better news (to me, at least) is that neurons in mentally active elderly people branch off more often and have more dendrite connections between neurons than other folks who are not as active.  A slight drawback to this might be seen in how the elderly are more “set” in their ways than younger people.  It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible … Continue reading