Your Arguing…

I don’t want you to agree with me on this.  I don’t want you to disagree, either. I want you to understand what it is that I am saying. Any person, with any amount of knowledge or understanding, can either agree or disagree to an argument that is presented. It doesn’t take a whole lot to do either. It does take something, though, to understand. An argument is typically defined as : a statement or series of statements for or against something : a discussion in which people express different opinions about something : an angry disagreement ( Think about … Continue reading

Your Path IS Your Goal

When we are on the path of growth, we are already at the goal. Each day brings many goals. The goal to be a better person. A smarter person. A stronger person. A wiser person. A more loving person. A more patient person. At the end of the day, where have our paths taken us? And, there is no perfection. There is only another step toward becoming whole. This wholeness will never be achieved, though. But, this is countered by the fact that when we are on the path of growth and we strive for all of those characteristics, plus … Continue reading

A Toast To Toastmasters

Standing naked, before people… Quite often, that’s how people dream of public speaking, or rather, the nightmare that people have about it. Toastmasters is the tonic for that problem. I’ve been a member of Toastmasters since November, 2010. My life, at that point, wasn’t going in the greatest direction. I took up with Toastmasters, almost on a lark. I saw an ad on Craigslist that said, “Would you like to learn to speak? Come to us, we’re Toastmasters.” Since my life was in a shambles and I didn’t have a lot going on at the time I thought I’d go … Continue reading

Wisdom Brings The Gift, Courage Allows Us To Use It

The goal of this blog is to give you, the reader, hints, tips, and whatever else, to help with knowing your mind better. Knowing the self is to know one of the best things.  One of the key elements that this blog cannot give you, though, is the element of courage. Courage is something that is within you. It’s there, trust me. I’m not trying to give some sort of a “rah rah” speech or anything (I hate “rah rah” speeches), but I state a fact: Courage is present. Courage is your ability to look a situation, straight in the … Continue reading

A Question About Old Age

Did you know that the older we get, past a certain age, that our brain produces less brain cells? The good news is that brain cells continue to be produced until the day we die… just not as many. Even better news (to me, at least) is that neurons in mentally active elderly people branch off more often and have more dendrite connections between neurons than other folks who are not as active.  A slight drawback to this might be seen in how the elderly are more “set” in their ways than younger people.  It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible … Continue reading