Introversion Versus Extroversion

Ok, I have a joke.  How many introverts does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer? “Why does this have to be a group activity?” Ok, ok, another one… I’d like to see the airlines re-do their seating arrangements. Forget first-class, business class, and cargo. Divide the passengers up into extroverts and introverts. Give the extroverts the front of the aircraft; the introverts, the back. I, being an introvert, have my reasons for this. You’ve never heard of a plane backing into a mountain, right?! Ok,ok, I have one more… Did you hear about the introvert who … Continue reading

“I Am” Versus “Am I”

“I am” versus “Am I” are thoughts that can lead us down the road to a better understanding of ourselves.

We grow up hearing things about ourselves that come from so many different people. These other people give us their limited subjective opinion of us as a human being. The problem is, many of us grow up believing their words to a great degree. Enemies, angry people, friends, relatives, CLOSE relatives, all have something to tell us about who we are in regard to being human. Many receivers of those messages adopt those views and ultimately take those thoughts away, limiting their lives by saying “I am a ‘this’,” or “I am a ‘that.'” Without thinking critically, we grow up believing these lies that are put into our heads. Continue reading

Doing The Right Thing

The person you love. –> |——–|——–| <– The person you hate (Ok, maybe just not like so much). Two labels. It’s easy to do the “right” thing to the person who wears each of those labels, isn’t it? Raise your friend up and tear your enemy down, eh? What happens when it’s not so easy to do the right thing, though? What happens when you have to tell your friend or loved one that they need to correct the path that they’re on? Tearing your friend down is never easy, is it? Discipline is never easy… from either side. It’s … Continue reading

Belonging vs Belonging

Did you know that “belonging” helps to strengthen us, in life? There is a very negative view regarding “belonging,” though. In relationships, quite often we might think, “I belong to you” or “You belong to me,” and yet, there are people who hear the word “belong” and will shut down any further chance of carrying on with that particular conversation, with the thought, “I DON’T BELONG TO ANYONE!” This is unfortunate. Many people are scared of becoming objectified. They want to maintain their personal autonomy and integrity. They also have a very distorted view of what it means to belong … Continue reading