Phobia This, Phobia That…

You know what I really like about strapping the suffix “phobia” onto the end of so many words… The words actually begin to lose their meaning, or actually mean nothing at all to begin with. Phobias are clinical conditions, and those who suffer from real phobias, as opposed to imagined ones, are being done the greatest disservice by those who have political agendas of trying to shame others by their use of words on a public that is unenlightened about the impact words actually have on the human psyche. If more people actually took the time to expand their vocabulary … Continue reading

“I Am” Versus “Am I”

“I am” versus “Am I” are thoughts that can lead us down the road to a better understanding of ourselves.

We grow up hearing things about ourselves that come from so many different people. These other people give us their limited subjective opinion of us as a human being. The problem is, many of us grow up believing their words to a great degree. Enemies, angry people, friends, relatives, CLOSE relatives, all have something to tell us about who we are in regard to being human. Many receivers of those messages adopt those views and ultimately take those thoughts away, limiting their lives by saying “I am a ‘this’,” or “I am a ‘that.'” Without thinking critically, we grow up believing these lies that are put into our heads. Continue reading

Nothing But…

Are you a “nothing but” something? Nothing but an employee? Nothing but a student? Nothing but a…? Do you realize that there are so many facets in your life that you can never be a “nothing but…” ever? One person’s viewpoint cannot turn you into a “nothing but.” It’s impossible. Even if you agree with an individual’s view of you, that you are a “nothing but,” it’s an improper and impossible view to take and/or support. It’s called reductionism. It is what turns a human being into a thing in the minds of so many people, and in individuals’ minds, … Continue reading

Are You an Irritant or an Anchor?

Sometimes, I feel I am more a grain of sand than a rock – more of an irritant than an anchor. But, come to think of it, a grain of sand is at the heart of the pearl. Are you more of an irritant or an anchor? If we are able to transcend ourselves, devoting ourselves to someone else, or a cause greater than ourselves, then we might, at times, appear as an irritant (not doing the things that others would bid us to do), but it would ultimately be to our benefit, in finding our purpose in life. Not … Continue reading