Your Path IS Your Goal

When we are on the path of growth, we are already at the goal.

Each day brings many goals. The goal to be a better person. A smarter person. A stronger person. A wiser person. A more loving person. A more patient person. At the end of the day, where have our paths taken us?

And, there is no perfection. There is only another step toward becoming whole.

This wholeness will never be achieved, though. But, this is countered by the fact that when we are on the path of growth and we strive for all of those characteristics, plus many more in life, then we pass by milestones in our lives, however small or unconsciously noticed they may be.

We hit many goals every day. No sales goals make us better. No achievements that put us over another human make us better. Nothing of a tangible nature counts toward the fulfillment of our daily goals, only other than when we can sense the intangibles in ourselves and give them freely to others to help them along, as well.

Then, it might be a good time to go sit down at Burger King with someone else and share a meal.

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