Torah Observant Messianic Believer (T.O.M.B)

If you are human, your life has a spiritual aspect to it (even if you’re an atheist). Spirituality has to do with influence. That nagging thing in our minds, yeah, that. That comforting thing in our minds, yeah, that. That strengthening thing in our minds, yeah, that. That enlightening thing in our minds, yeah, indeed that! If we gather something from our environment, either outwardly or inwardly, we are influenced. We can be influenced by evil. We can be influenced by good. And, herein lies the rub. What can one consider good or evil? Well, without any sort of instructions for living life and just going along on one’s own path, anything goes. Even evil can appear good. Conversely, good can appear as evil (just look at the world headlines of today).


Torah Observant Messianic Believers (T.O.M.B.) have a valid set of instructions to live for and by. Torah observant messianic believers also have two fantastic guides. They will be revealed in articles presented here.

This section of the KYM website covers both of these guides.

I will put up thoughts of my own, as well as thoughts of others whose ideas I have adopted. The single greatest contributor to my standing is Dennis Blackburn (bless the memory of him). Many, many posts in this category will be attributed to him from his organization Yeshiva HaNateev. I will note when any articles from YHN appear out here. I will post the majority of them as they originally appeared, but to prevent confusion, I will make minor modifications to the articles, noting what changes have been put in place from the original articles.

My Debt

Since 2005, I have had my mind opened up to many, MANY matters in life because of Dennis and the fantastic efforts he put into teaching. I owe him and a particular family much more than I will ever be able to repay. This porition of my website is a small effort at highlighting what I have gained from them. I hope what I share out here, in this section, will enrich your life, physically, mentally, and spiritually.