Easter YHN

DID YOU KNOW that Easter and its man-made traditions came about because of paganism and anti-Semitism rather than Biblical reasons?

The following was taken from a post-Nicean letter written by Emperor Constantine I (306-337 CE):

Constantine, August, to the churches,…When the question arose concerning the most holy day of Easter, it was decreed by common consent to be expedient, that this festival should be celebrated on the same day by all, in every place…it seemed to every one a most unworthy thing that we should follow the customs of the Jews in the celebration of this most holy solemnity, who, polluted wretches! having stained their hands with a nefarious crime, are justly blinded in their minds. It is fit, therefore, that rejecting the practice of this people, we should perpetuate to all future ages the celebration of this rite, in a more legitimate order, which we have kept from the first day of our Lord’s passion even to the present times. Let us then have nothing in common with the most hostile rabble of the Jews. We have received another method from the Saviour. A more lawful and proper course is open to our most holy religion. In pursuing this course with a unanimous consent, let us withdraw ourselves, my much honored brethren, from that most odious fellowship…As it is necessary that this fault should be so amended that we may have nothing in common with the usage of these parricides and murderers of our Lord; and so that order is most convenient which is observed by all the churches of the West, as well as those of the southern and northern parts of the world, and also by some in the East, it is judged therefore to be most equitable and proper, and I pledged myself that this arrangement should meet your approbation, viz. that the custom which prevails with one consent in the city of Rome, and throughout all Italy, Africa and Egypt, in Spain, Gaul, Britain, Lybia, the whole of Greece, the diocese of Asia, Pontus and Cilicia, would be gladly embraced by your prudence,…and to have no fellowship with the perjury of the Jews. And, to sum up the whole in a few words, it is agreeable to the common judgment of all, that the most holy feast of Easter should be celebrated on one and the same day (A Historical View of THE COUNCIL OF NICE; with a TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENTS by Rev. Isaac Boyle, D.D.’; T Mason and G Lane, New York, 1839; pp. 51-54).

This is what man decreed, but what was the admonishment from Paul? “For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Master’s death till He comes.” [1 Corinthians 11:26]

“The practice of Jewish tradition is to mark the anniversary of a great rabbi’s death not by mourning, but in celebration of his accomplishments, so this day became one of joy.” From the Texas Jewish Post, p. 2, May 1, 1997, Will an Old Diaspora Festival Survive in a New Society?

“The (Christmas) celebration was not observed in the first centuries of the Christian church, since the Christian usage in general was to celebrate the death of remarkable persons rather than their birth.” From the Encyclopedia Americana, 1963 Edition.

By celebrating Pesach (Passover) at its appointed time each year, we are proclaiming the Master’s death until He comes.




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