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The purpose of Yeshiva HaNateev is to teach, practice and observe a true Scriptural lifestyle, based upon intense study of the Scriptures: the Torah, the Writings, the Prophets, and the Messianic Writings.

You will notice, as you view our Web pages, that we have used names that may or may not be familiar to you. You will see יהוה (pronounced YAH-WHEY), the true name of the Father, instead of “the LORD”. We also use Elohim instead of “God”. Both “the LORD” and “God” are only titles that were assigned to YHVH by the translators. Again, we use Y’hoshua instead of “Jesus”. Y’hoshua is the Messiah’s true name, while Jesus is the name assigned to Him by the translators.


  1. To provide an understanding about the roots of our faith in the Messiah, learning who He is, and who we are in Him.
  2. To help individuals learn the differences between the traditions of men and the instructions given by יהוה for having a victorious life.
  3. To teach and observe the feasts of יהוה at His appointed times, as well as other customs and traditions which are not inconsistent with the Scriptures.
  4. To identify and join with Israel and the chosen people of יהוה, and to understand His purpose in creating them as His people.
  5. To welcome all who are truly seeking to know our Creator and worship Him, according to His Word, in Spirit and in Truth.




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