Is Christianity A Stumbling Block? YHN

DID YOU KNOW that the Messiah Y’hoshua did not come to start a new religion?

And, make no mistake about it, Christianity is a new religion created by men after the Messiah’s return to the Father; and it is diametrically opposed to the life Y’hoshua and His apostles led and the Torah they taught. This statement is not intended to be harsh, but to encourage you to study the Scriptures, history and the culture in which Y’hoshua and the apostles lived.

CHRISTIANITY SAYS that “Jesus” fulfilled the law; so, as believers in him, you do not have to obey the Torah.

RESPONSE: (A) First, it is most important to understand that “Jesus” is not the Messiah’s name — and to change His name is to change His identity. “Jesus” has no meaning, whereas, Y’hoshua means YAH IS DELIVERER; and the Messiah told us that He had come in His Father’s name. This is a fulfillment of Joel 2:32, “For it shall be, all who shall call on the name of YHVH (YAH-WHEY) shall be delivered. For deliverance shall be in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, as YHVH has said, and among the remnant whom YHVH shall call.” If Y’hoshua fulfilled all the Torah so that obedience to it is not expected of you, let us raise a few questions for your consideration:

1.) How did the Messiah fulfill the part of the Torah that commands you, “Do not commit adultery”? What about murder? 2.) YHVH said, “For I, YHVH, change not” [Malachi 3:6]. He also said, over and over again, that His Words will remain FOREVER.

3.) Y’hoshua Himself said, “Do you not believe that I (am) in the Father and the Father is in Me? The Words which I speak to you I do not speak from Myself, but the Father, who abides in Me, He does the works” [John 14:10]. Would YHVH, who changes not, have given anything to Y’hoshua that contradicted His Word? Would Y’hoshua not have been a rebellious and lawless Son, if He did away with the Father’s Words? Which brings us to the bottom line: If Y’hoshua is the Messiah, who can take away a person’s transgressions against the Torah, would this have been possible if He had been a transgressor of the Torah? Was it not because He kept the Torah perfectly — and was sinless — that He was qualified to be our Sacrifice?

4.) I have heard Christians say that, “Jesus lives in my heart.” If the true Messiah Y’hoshua, the sinless Lamb, lives in your heart, can He really live there if you are putting pork (swine) into your body as food, when the Word says that it is unclean and not to be eaten? What about Antiocus IV desecrating the Temple by offering a pig upon the altar? If you consider your body a temple of the Living Elohim, are you not doing the same thing Antiocus did?

Are you being a stumblingblock by presenting a false picture of the Messiah?




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