Is The Holy Spirit A Third Person? YHN

DID YOU KNOW that the trinity is unbiblical?

First, let’s look at the word holy in The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Hebrew #6918 and Greek #40 both mean sacred; and sacred means to be separated, or set apart. You sometimes get a clearer understanding by inserting the definition of the word in lieu of the transcriber’s selected English word.

Now, by the Word of YHVH, let’s establish just who the Spirit is: “And Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. And the Spirit of YHVH came upon David from that day and onward. . .” [1 Samuel 16:13] And (in Psalm 51:11) David prays, “Do not cast me out from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy (Set-apart) Spirit from me.”

Can you agree that, from these two Scriptures, the Set-apart Spirit is the Spirit of YHVH?

Some other areas describing the Spirit of YHVH: “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth; and the earth being without form and empty, and darkness on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of Elohim hovering on the face of the waters, then Elohim said, ‘Let light be!’ And there was light. . .” [Genesis 1:1-3] Compare these verses from Genesis with Luke 1:35, “And answering, the angel said to her, ‘The Set-apart Spirit will come upon you, and (the) power of (the) Most High will overshadow you, and for this reason that Set-apart (One) being born of you will be called Son of Elohim.’”

[The definition of overshadow, Greek #1982, is to cast a shade upon, i.e. (by analysis) to envelope in a haze of brilliancy.]

The Set-apart Spirit of YHVH hovered over the heavens and the earth at their creation, as did this same Spirit overshadow Mary when creating the Seed within her. Both were the Spirit of YHVH, not a separate entity.

Paul speaks:“I Paul, a slave of Y’hoshua (the) Messiah (the Anointed), a called apostle, separated to the gospel of Elohim, which He promised before through His prophets in (the) Set-apart Scriptures, concerning His Son who came of the seed of David according to flesh, who was marked out (the) Son of Elohim in power, according to (the) Spirit of separation, by (the) resurrection of (the) dead, Y’hoshua (the) Messiah our Master; by whom we received grace (favor) and apostleship to obedience of faith among all the nations, for His name’s sake, among whom are you also, called-out (ones) of Y’hoshua (the) Messiah; . . .”[Romans 1:1-6]

“For I (am) YHVH your Creator, and you have consecrated yourselves, and you have become set apart, for I (am) set apart. . .” [Leviticus 11:44a] We have set ourselves apart from the rest of the world in the moment when we make the decision to become obedient to the Torah, the Word of YHVH, given through Moses, and begin to do that which YHVH requires of us. We are to come out of the world, which means that we are not to live by the world’s standards, but by the standards set by YHVH: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. . . (and) keep oneself unspotted from the world.” [James 1:22, 27b]




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