It All Gets Down To This…

Psychology is the name of the game, regardless of what anti-science people claim. Psychology is a science based on observance, just like any other science.

I’ll be posting many, many thoughts, ideas, articles, videos, and whatnot regarding psychology. It is one of the most interesting fields of science there is. It ties into so many other fields.

I’ve got a master’s degree in psychology. When I tell people this, many recoil at the thought. Some of them ask the question, “Are you analyizing me?”  Without hesitating, I tell them that I am, indeed, analyzing them, just as they are analyzing me. I just use bigger words. I try to make them feel comfortable with the idea of things recognized in psychology. If I can help it, at all, I hope to show them matters of great interest, in hopes of sparking a desire to learn more on their own. This is the main reason for this site.




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