Life-Long Learning Is Something We Can’t Get Away From

To learn is to be alive. It’s that simple. When one forces one’s self to no longer learn, then that person is as good as dead. Benjamin Franklin, it is said, mentioned the thought when he wrote: “Many young men die at age 25, but are not buried until they’re 75.” Giving up on cognitively learning, at any age, is one of the most disheartening things in life to observe.

There is always something to learn. Oftentimes, learning can literally be a painful experience (alitheiaphobia). Conversely, though, after one has learned from an experience and recognizes themselves as wiser, then the learning can result in some good amount of joy. One has to be aware of this, though.

This site is dedicated to helping all people, of whatever lifespan development phase they are in, to learn. If they believe that they can’t, they can always learn how to learn.



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