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  • Kinsman Redeemer YHN

    DID YOU KNOW that everywhere the word Redeemer is used in the Torah and the Prophets, you will find that the meaning of the word is to redeem (according […]

  • What Is The Name Of The Messiah YHN

    DID YOU KNOW that the Messiah’s name is not “Jesus?” In the Strong’s Concordance you will find that His name is Y’hoshua, the same Hebrew name as […]


    DID YOU KNOW that there is a test that will show whether or not you are of the seed of Abraham? No, it isn’t a […]


    KIDDUSH BLESSING Friday Evening Only: And there was evening and there was morning. The sixth day. Thus the heavens and earth were finished, and all their […]

  • The Footsteps Of The Apostles YHN

    FOOTSTEPS OF THE APOSTLES Ephesians 6:11-18 DID YOU KNOW that, if followers of the Messiah were no longer required to keep the commands in the […]

  • The High Calling YHN

    If YHVH (YAH-WHEY) has called you to be really like Messiah in all your spirit, He will draw you into a life of crucifixion and […]

  • The Sabbath YHN

    Did you know that, by rejecting the seventh-day Sabbath, which was established and blessed by YHVH, you are telling Him that you decline His invitation […]

  • Are You Still A Jew? YHN

    CAN A JEW CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY AND STILL REMAIN A JEW? Christianity says that Christians do not have to keep the Law (the Torah), but […]

  • A Prelude To The Wrath To Come YHN

    Yahweh offers life, but few choose to follow the instructions in His Torah for obtaining it. That’s why those who choose disobedience face the wrath […]

  • Who Has The Covenant And Who Has The Redeemer YHN

    Quoting from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, dated August 24, 2002, “Many mainline Christian denominations do not target Jews for conversion, he (Martin Marty) said, adding that […]

  • Two Houses Of Israel YHN

    The question of the two Houses of Israel poses a thought, new to some people, old to others. The thought is: “Who are the people […]

  • Thoughts To Ponder YHN

    I Sabbath of Privilege Sabbath of Joy The Sabbath is the sign of the one True EL, by which we are to know Him from […]

  • An Open Letter To Christians YHN

    To Christians: Before you speak to Jewish people about Jesus, perhaps there are some questions you first should ask yourselves. A few that come to […]

  • The Way YHN

    In Genesis 3:24, we are told that Adam was driven from the garden of Eden and a flaming sword was placed to guard the way […]

  • Statement of Belief At Yeshiva HaNateev YHN

    We believe that knowing the Name of the Father, יהוה (YAH-WHEY), and the Name of the Son, Y’hoshua (YAH-WHEY is Deliverer), is commanded, taught and […]

  • From Yeshiva HaNateev YHN

    PURPOSE The purpose of Yeshiva HaNateev is to teach, practice and observe a true Scriptural lifestyle, based upon intense study of the Scriptures: the Torah, […]